Independent Consulting Versus Training

Independent consulting? Most of my clients ask me how I know things and from where.

I did a long way. I committed to excellence and competencies. I dedicated my engagement,  time, attention,  curiosity and my heart. I know what I know from education, studies and experience. It was not always fun and easy but I made it and I continue to progress.

Today I provide advice and support in several domains of my expertise. I am aware that I have a slash career and I am proud of it. It keeps me curious, always active and visionary. I have a chance to follow my dreams and to change the world in a better reality.


Provide consulting means hiring a consultant. It allows a company to have access to a deeper level of expertise in a cheaper way. By hiring an external expert for a determined period of time or a project client receive various presentations, reports and customised products.

I provide independent consulting services and expert advice in a range of areas.

My expertise cover:

  • Interculturalism
  • IT and process engineering
  • R&D
  • Multilingual and multimedia communication
  • Web development & design
  • UX, UI, D&E
  • SEO auditing, SEO, SEA, SMO
  • Translation
  • Interpreting
  • l-Localisation
  • Typography, graphic design
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Testing
  • E-marketing
  • Business transformation


Training and mentoring were always a part of my job. I trained colleagues, employees, users, clients, students… and animals. But let’s talk about serious things. I am happy to share my knowledge with those who are curious, who want to know. I am happy when you want to learn the why and the how.

By providing training I am contributing to education. I help you to improve your skills and your efficiency. You can learn new things. You can make old things easier and faster. You upgrade your skills and yield your competencies.

Recently I provided trainings in:

  • WordPress front end administration
  • graphic design
  • copyright
  • SEO
  • ergonomics, UI and UX


I assist clients via e-learning so you can save your time instead of being in the bus or traffic jam. You just need an Internet connection, a computer or a smartphone and a digital profile.