Webdesign or web design

Having a website Webdesign or web design or web creation in Luxembourg starts with an idea of having a web and a digital presence in the Internet. It is a place which allows to your clients to discover your profile,

Multimedia Communication

Multimedia communication Communication is a base of all human relations. There are different types of communication. We can divide it on the verbal : which uses words and non-verbal communication : body language, visual. We have as well a mix

SEO SMO and Branding

SEO SMO and branding services I propose council and assistance in SEO, branding, SMO, client’s visual and digital communication strategies. SEO SEO known as well as a search engine optimisation is an approach which should be included from the beginning

Print, Audiovisual and Copy writing

Audiovisual and copy writing: I propose services in audiovisual, print and multimedia creation. I am delighted to assists clients in communication strategies and solutions.  Getting there by creating websites, optimising them, translating various content, writing content, both informational and promotional one.

Project Management – Business Analysis – Testing

Project Management – Business Analysis Project management in Luxembourg, who will ever ask this question? You are probably asking yourself why to waste time and talk about obvious things. Some notions are so often used that in some point we

Consulting Versus Training

Independent Consulting Versus Training Independent consulting? Most of my clients ask me how I know things and from where.   I did a long way. I committed to excellence and competencies. I dedicated my engagement,  time, attention,  curiosity and my

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About me


You are here because you would like to know more about me and my philosophy … I can tell you a bit about myself. The approach of my study has evolved over time.   About me Following multiple cultures, travels...


Mrs. Joanna Maziarczyk is a dedicated and motivated professional. She reached goals and assigned challenges. She demonstrated excellent team spirit and an acute sense of service which gives her an excellent relationship with colleagues and clients.

Eric Lippert IT Department Head - OneLife

Joanna is a highly self-motivated person. In a highly stressful environment she has always a great enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. She has an out-of the box approach which helps to achieve goals in difficult circumstances. In a team she managed successfully IT projects doing estimations, development and testing. Joanna would be a great excellent value for any company.

Brama Konaté Senior IT Developer - OneLife