Reviving the History!

This project was very challenging. The  goal was to create a tri-fold multilingual and modern brochure for a Museum of the Casemate Dambach-Neunhoffen of Maginot Line in Eastern France.

Technical aspects:

Creation consisted most importantly on the visual design and the organisation of the content and it’s hierarchy. Besides that the typography was chosen in order to transfer the history into the modern times. Hence an appealing style and colours make this publication eye-catching. A three languages translation invites very large spectrum of audience and international visitors.


This successful marketing flyer was created for the link of the Maginot Line in Northern Vosges in France.

Dambach-Neunhoffen Casemate Museum

tri-fold brochure Ligne MAginot Dambach-Neunhoffen

Tri-fold brochure Dambach-Neunhoffen Casemate Museum