Audiovisual and copy writing

I propose services in audiovisual, print and multimedia creation. I am delighted to assists clients in communication strategies and solutions.  Getting there by creating websites, optimising them, translating various content, writing content, both informational and promotional one.

Print and digital communication are a part of the creative and strategic approach for every business. Content writing is a part of this process. It helps to communicate efficiently with the target audience.


I further clients in their graphic design and define business corporate visual identity. This is how client’s marketing quality is guaranteed. And it catches directly the attention of future and current clients. Moreover, it is a basic element of brand’s visual identity.

I prepare various promotional and informational materials, ready for print. I help clients to get stunning marketing on the 360° supports.

I work on the various communication supports:

  • business cards
  • letterheads
  • brochures
  • booklets
  • catalogues
  • flyers
  • posters
  • roll-ups
  • promotional objects
  • marketing goodies

Copy writing

As a part of communication I translate, localise, write and edit multilingual commercial content. The content is optimised for various target audience, supports and solutions like print or digital media. All of this is a part of the marketing communication strategy which has to be efficient, clear and persuasive. This is why writing a content is so challenging. More over, writing for the web should be SEO optimised. Depending of the support and the audience as well as a goal of the message written sentences should be short and in active mode. This is even more important when it comes to the web where the internet user is looking for the easiest and fastest way to get the required information.

Viral content is not a dream. It is the way of crafting the content in the right manner. It is a question of success to adapt the content for the right media. The subject matters as well. Some topics are more interesting than others. Some contents are more relevant than others. These small elements make a great difference in a way to reach new audience, new clients and to get the ROI.

This is why I propose copy writing services which help every business. The goal is to better communicate with potential audience and to get the right message in the right manner to the right person.


I support client in subject of copyright and advise in matter of the intellectual property. I am conscious that not everyone knows the meaning of © symbol, it’s legal consequences, obligations and it’s magnitude.

It is obvious that with the popularity of social media users do not pay much attention to the source of the text or the picture. You would like to share an article? A photography? Remember to share credits or get a royalties free text or a picture. And what about some free creative commons?