Multimedia communication

Communication is a base of all human relations. There are different types of communication. We can divide it on the verbal : which uses words and non-verbal communication : body language, visual. We have as well a mix of both, where words and images, and body language meet up – multimedia. In one way or the other we realise that nowadays the multimedia communication, no matter it’s channel, is a base of our interactions.

No matter a specie, everyone communicates. We communicate in order to provide some information. We communicate as well to get some information. The communication is a central point of our relations and interactions with others.

Improving communication

I help clients in multimedia communication in Luxembourg, web creation. I provide as well multilingual content creation, for 360° support, optimised SEO and internet. It is all about web, text, voice and image. I help you to communicate clearly.

I work as well with the film industry by transcribing footages and voice-overing films.

Verbal communication

Verbal communication consists on the fact of addressing a message in a verbal way, using words and sentences. It is a base of human’s existence.

We can realise that not always what we say or what we meant to say is understood by our interlocutor in the way as we expected to be. There are many reasons of such misunderstandings. Most of a time not just the fact of speaking different language makes things much more complicated. Having different background (origin, education, social background, our past), being a part of different community, different culture influences our perception and understanding.

Human’s social and racial prejudices, preconceived ideas and the image we have of the world  lead us sometimes to misinterpretation and affect our perception. We all have difficulty to remain objective because the subjectivity of our point of view influences us unconsciously. Within those differences we realise that a message is seen in  various ways, depending of the individual.

As an intercultural expert I encourage clients to get out of the comfort zone and to adopt a global and cosmopolitan perception. This is the key for the successful internationalisation. I promote a creative communication via web, print and multimedia.

Translation and Interpreting

With a verbal communication we discover a multilingual reality. The same message sounds different in different language and not always means the same. That is why it is crucial to provide a localized message in the target language best in our interlocutor’s native language.

This is where a professional translation and interpreting take a part. I propound sworn interpretation and translation in French, English and Polish.

Visual communication

Visual communication is a communication via vision, images, typography, video and other signs. It is linked directly to the cultural perception of the individual. It is the most important way to share the information. We all know the sentence that one picture is worth a thousand words. This is why a graphic design is so powerful.

This phenomenon is above societies and it’s success is universally known. Pictures speak for themselves that is why they are crucial in today’s information, entertainment and advertising communication. Here we need to consider a localization and transcreation which are needed in order to translate the message in a proper and exact manner. A good copywriting is an excellent thing but a transcreation is much better!